Provided token is not a UUID error with Gitlab CI

Hey guys,

I am trying to do code coverage for a flask app in Python and uploading it on the platform. I am trying to upload it directly via Gitlab CI, but it doesn’t happen. It keeps throwing the following error:

HTTP 400
Provided token is not a UUID.

I created an account on and connected it to my gitlab account and selected a repository to work with. I added the token as an environment variable in gitlab CI

My CI file is:

image: ubuntu:18.04


    - coverage
    - deploy

    stage: coverage
        - apt-get -y update
        - apt-get -y install curl python3-pip python3.7 zip
        - python3.7 -m pip install --upgrade pip
        - python3.7 -V
        - pip3.7 install -r requirements.txt

        - coverage run -m pytest
        - coverage report -m

       - bash <(curl -s -t $CODECOV_TOKEN

The error screenshot:

But, when I did bash <(curl -s -t <token> from the linux terminal, it was successfully uploaded.

What is the mistake that I am doing?

If you haven’t already, please use the latest version of the python uploader or switch to the recommended bash uploader.

Hi @kashyapm94, I realized my mistake here, you are already using the bash uploader. What repository is this for, and can you give me a recent commit SHA?