GitLab Private Repositories token refresh issues

GitLab users with private repositories may find the following error message when uploading coverage

{"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"Token is expired. You can either do re-authorization or token refresh."}

We suspect it’s due to the breaking change in GitLab 15. We are currently working on a fix for this, but the current workaround is to

  1. Log into GitLab as the bot user for the repository.
  2. Log into Codecov with that GitLab user.

Unfortunately, the refresh time is still in the order of hours and may require the previous steps to be repeated frequently until the fix is in place.

We will update this thread accordingly.

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Hi all, a fix for this is being made, I’ll update when it has been deployed.

Whoops, a fix for this has been made, this is my mistake for forgetting to update here.