Raise Community forum visibility on main site

Codecov links to this community from the “Resources” dropdown of the main page, as well as in the “Customers” section of the page footer, but those seem to be just about the only places it’s linked, which makes it somewhat difficult to discover.

Notably (AFAICT; please correct me if any of these are wrong):

  • It’s not linked to from anywhere at https://codecov.io/support (which of course redirects to Freshdesk)
  • It’s not linked to from the page headers at https://docs.codecov.io/docs/ (which do contain “Support”, “Status”, etc.)
  • It’s not linked to from either the headers or footers in the main Codecov reporting interface (e.g. pages like https://codecov.io/gh), despite the fact that all of those pages contain two links to Docs, Support, and "Blog"1. (Links to all three appear in both the header and the footer of each page.)

Making the community more visible would presumably increase user activity, and as a result (one hopes) also increase its usefulness.


  1. The “Blog” link points to https://blog.codecov.io/, which redirects to the landing page at https://about.codecov.io/ — kind of weird since the actual blog URL is https://about.codecov.io/blog/. But, that’s a separate issue.