"Unable to find commit" until error is clicked


On my codecov repo page, all of my commits are listed as “unable to find commit in GitHub”, until I click the error message and it figures out the rest of the info. I haven’t seen this happen to any other repo, and I’m not sure what’s going on.



Chromium 79.0.3945.88 on Linux, but reproduces with Chrome on Windows.

Additional Information


Hm, this seems to have been due to not having set up the Codecov app. I was clicking around and found an error which brought me to a page on how to get things to work, so I guess it’s fixed now.


Any feedback on how we could’ve made the onboarding flow more user friendly?

I saw the error right on my main repo dashboard. Clicking on the error just caused some manual “fix” where it found the commit, where the actual fix was found by going into a specific commit (before it was “fixed”) and noting the message at the top, which mentioned a help page which then told me that I needed the app. The error message at the front page should probably link to somewhere more useful, though I’m not sure how it could both fix and provide info as to the issue at the same time.

I didn’t install the app because it seemed like its only purpose was to give Codecov access to reply to PRs with coverage info; something I don’t currently want. It wasn’t clear that I wouldn’t be able to get any information at all without the app. Coming from coveralls, the need for this extra app confuses me. When I upload the report, the upload should have everything needed to link back to a commit, as far as I can tell.

Thank you for the detailed feedback here. I have passed to the full team and see a.) what better we can do regarding messaging when an error and b.) expectations setting on what access we require to function correctly.