Codecov status checks never update on GitHub for particular branch


All of our PRs work fine except for PRs we want to merge into the develop branch. The CodeCov status checks never come down. It’s very frustrating and slows down our dev time. Any other branch works fine and is nearly instant. We’ve tried closing and reopening the PR and it has worked at times in the past but no longer works.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. submit PR to merge into develop branch
  2. CI succeeds but status check never comes down to Git Hub which blocks merge.

Expected behavior: [What you expect to happen]
Status check comes in from codecov

Actual behavior: [What actually happens]
No status check appears.

Flakiness? [Does this happen all the time or only sometimes?]
Was happening occasionally but now seems to happen all of the time for this branch.


Please include the browser and OS and what versions you’re running.

Additional Information

Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.

Can you share a commit SHA that did not have the checks so I can check the logs?


I see we pushed a status on Oct 11, 2019 at 21:04:09.825 UTC

INFO GitHub HTTP 201 {"bot": "n/a", "endpoint": "/repos/sysco-labs-mobile/sysco-shop-ios/statuses/5f39f489d64f6fed13f5b644579e19b15aa8ac7e", "event": "api", "method": "POST", "public": "t", "pull": "170", "rlr": "1570831445", "rlx": "4964", "rly": "5000", "service": "github", "slug": "sysco-labs-mobile/sysco-shop-ios", "task": "sync"}

As far as what happened to it, I may have to refer you to GitHub support (and before they ask, I don’t have more logs then that)

Can you share a screenshot of the expanded status checks for that commit on GitHub?

Huh. Yah, I would ask GitHub support if they can see what happened to to our POST calls then :frowning:

I have the same with all PRs. Status checks are yellow even though Codecov bot posted comment. And also this page isn’t working. GitHub made changes to their status checks API recently, I think this may be the reason.

hi @siriak

Can you link those API changes so we can take a look and see if they affect us?

This one may be useful, though it’s probably not it, the article is dated a bit

Also Travis had changes recently, so it also might be involved (we use Travis for CI, but it works fine and seems to send coverage reports)

I don’t think it is Github, because it works every time for any branch other than our develop branch, which is our default branch. Any time we want to merge to develop this happens 100% of the time. We try closing and reopening, submitting a new commit, etc. Sometimes it will finally work (about 10% of the time), but most of the time we need to remove the status checks to get the code in, which defeats the purpose of having a coverage tool.