Way to post Github comment locally?

I’m setting up codecov for our project and find the settings to be quite complex. I mostly care about the comment and build status being posted to Github, so I’d like to iterate quickly, see how different settings affect these two features in particular.

I did try exporting all environmental variables that Github Pull Request Builder provides + JENKINS_URL and running the uploader script. It does recognize “Jenkins” CI and uploads something, but I haven’t seen comment or status change, I also haven’t noticed coverage updating on the codecov website, and the latest coverage report would show it used the same yml file as on Github.

Is there anything I might be missing? Is it possible to upload the same coverage results for the same commit multiple times and have the comment/status change?

If you upload the same commit we will not update the status.

If you provide me a commit SHA I can look and see what the error was.

I was uploading with the same SHA beause I wanted to iterate quickly and just didn’t commit local changes. However if I want to upload with new SHA, does that mean I need to push that commit to Github as well? Without it status check would definitely not be pushed, but what about comment?

I simply want to try out settings without having to run our CI pipeline

Yes, if we are not able to pull the commit from GitHub we will fail the upload.

I see, thanks. I understand it that there’s no way to quickly preview Codecov result for a given configuration then, we need to at least push it to the repo

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