Result upload marked as "upload expired"

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Recently we observed that our test result upload is marked as “upload expired” for some result files. appriciate if someone could provide possible reasons for this?

I have been getting the same “upload expired” on all of my codecov uploads too.

They are uploaded successfully from GitHub CI.

@BathiyaL @nmoinvaz can you try adding

  max_report_age: off

to the codecov.yml file (via docs)

Thanks @tom will try this

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@tom in my account settings, I try to save it as “off” (no quotes) and when I refresh it comes back as “false”. Previously I had “false” (no quotes). In order to get it to save off as a value I had to use single quotes.

So I wonder if there is some kind of issue with having false and using the global YAML config in the account settings.

When I remove my global YAML config, and use a repository config, it starts working. Thanks for your help, I will just use the repository config.

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@nmoinvaz that’s strange… but I’m glad that it’s working for you now. Let me know if you run into any other issues.