Setup codecov to post comments on a Github PR


I am very new to codecov. I am trying to setup codecov PR comments for a github public repository.

By referring the codecov/example-go repository, I have setup my .travis.yml and .codecov.yml files. But, I am still not able to see the PR comments on github PRs.

I read the documentation, but I was not able to clearly figure the steps that I may need to do to achieve that.

There are a lot of question in my mind:

  • What is Team yaml? How do I set it up? Do I need to set it up for my repository?
  • Do I need to setup any kind of a Bot? How to do that?
  • Do I need a github app?

And whole lot of newbie questions?

I would really appreciate, if anyone can help me figure out all of this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Adding the Codecov GitHub app is the easiest way, it will also the handle the bot aspect for you.

Regarding the team YAML, that is if you want global settings to apply to all your repos at the org level. Otherwise, a codecov.yml file in the repo is fine.

What other questions can I assist with?