Site Navigation doesn't load for me

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Every time I navigate to the pull request tab in the web UI. I get a loading image but nothing loads. I can load the Overview tab, the Commits tab, Branches, and Settings. When I try to go to Pull and click on a pull request the site just hangs in the loading phase. Also my avatar image is not loaded. I am trying to figure out why my bitbucket comment coverage is different from the one reflected in the web UI

Commit SHAs

using bitbucket


it is a bitbucket private repo

CI/CD or Build URL

Using CircleCI to upload the jacoco report


We are using circleci orb

Expected Results

  • Want to be able to load the pull request to troubleshoot why my bitbucket coverage is less then the one showing in codecov UI.

Actual Results

  • Unable to load pull request selected in the codecove web UI
  • report comment in bitbucket has a coverage value that is less than the one codecov UI is reporting

@junior_ee can you DM me a specific URL you are unable to access? We can try going from there.

Just checking in to see if you received my DM message ?

Apologies @junior_ee, I have replied in DM.

@junior_ee, bringing this back here and apologies for the delay. This looks to be a performance issue on our end, and I’ll shoot it over to the product team to see what they can do.

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@junior_ee wanted to piing back on this that we’ve been making a significant number of performance improvements on our side. Are you still running into this issue?