Codecov does not load repositories


I installed your app from the Github marketplace, gave it access to all my public repositories but when I go to actually add a repository to be checked - it just loads indefinitely.

I tried it in Vivaldi and Chrome browsers, no extensions.


Hi @IvanStoychev, what repositories are you trying?

Hi, @tom,

I can’t access any. When I go to the page, where I’m supposed to choose a new repository, it just keeps loading, and loading, and loading and never showing me any repository to choose.

@IvanStoychev, I mean what are the names of the repositories you are trying to add so we can debug this? A GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab link should suffice if it’s public.

@tom, oh… it’s

Hey @IvanStoychev – we believe this is a site-wide issue, which we are tracking here:

Thanks, @jerrod!

I thought it might be something like this but it wasn’t tracked when I checked the status page yesterday, so I created this topic. :slight_smile:

Hey @IvanStoychev – quick note that this should be working as expected again. Sorry about that!

@IvanStoychev one more issue discovered within sync task, let us continue to investigate.

@IvanStoychev we found root cause here and are submitting another PR.


Hi @IvanStoychev, this should be resolved, let me know if you are still running into issues here.

Hi, @tom and @jerrod,

Thank you very much for your effort! :slight_smile:
It’s working now, I’ll let you know if I encounter any problems.

Have a nice day!

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