Big slowness during opening PR changes



We experiencing big slowness when trying to open pull request compare or any other compare in Dashboard.

For example: when we try to open it in UI it never loads. It tries for long time but then throws error.

Any reason for that? All reports are loaded and we getting notification status on Pull Request, however we can’t see full details.

We have pretty big project and report for 7k of files but this should not be so big issue I suppose

can you clarify why this happening and how we can fix it?


Hi! I’m facing the same issue using Bitbucket private project. I have a similar repo size (~6500 files) and very often getting HTTP 503 Timeout error when trying to open a Pull Request.

Interesting, looking into our logs @mmarusich / posted this to our engineering channel to dig in internally.

@mofr what is the name of your project so we can check that as well?

@mmarusich --> had a convo with our team. This very likely is related to slowdowns we are experiencing across our compare and pull pages. It has to do with some inefficient looping to calculate and render coverage overlays. We are refactoring this currently to make it more efficient. You are generally correct that # of files should be digestible by our system.

Thanks for your patience!

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@jerrod Do you have any ETA when it will be refactored and fixed?


@jerrod Hey, any updates on this?

Hey @mmarusich – still working on it, still refactoring. Just brought another engineer on board to focus on this improvement. ETA is roughly these months, but we want it to be scalable far beyond current.

Any more recent PRs we can look out from your project on the comparesZ?

Hey @jerrod

We don’t able to open any pull request diff or commits comparison which is very bad experience for us.
We are considering to use your tool across organization but for now we can’t do it with such performance issues.

We’ve also been seeing this issue as soon as we started to use the flags feature.

We’ve reverted that for now but would really like to go back to using it since a single coverage number across unit, integration and fuzz tests isn’t all that useful.

Issue in our repo:

Thanks for the feedback @ulope – would you mind surfacing one of the Compare links so we can time it on our side?

We’ve really focused on minimizing timeouts on these compare pages, even going so far as to remove flags from the compare page for now:

So adoption of the flags actually shouldn’t be a root cause at this moment. More to come on refactoring and streamlining this page rendering.

Thanks everyone for the patience.


Hey @jerrod, do you have any ETA for this issue? We rely facing issues and can’t see diffs for coverage which blocks us from using your tool across our company and all repositories.

Example :

It just not loads :frowning: