The badge is showing 0% but project is at 99%

The badge is showing 0%

But the project is at 99%:

Any idea what could be going on?

@heldersepu looks like the project hasn’t successfully uploaded coverage reports for 3 years

If you push up a new commit, I can try to take a look to see why that might be happening.

@tom … you are showing us page 3 on that link, try with page 1:
are those commits not uploading anything?

But even if there is nothing uploaded why is there a difference between what is shown on the project and the badge?

@heldersepu, The badge is showing the most recent successfully committed coverage, and I see how that can be confusing. I can’t help debug why coverage isn’t being properly uploaded, or why your coverage reports may be malformed, but if you push up a more recent commit, I can take a look.