"There was a problem getting repo contents from your provider"


When I click into an Organisation repo that I’m trying to setup I get the message “There was a problem getting repo contents from your provider” with no option / help on how to resolve this?

Is anyone able to provide support here? The fresh desk keeps closing my ticket and to use this platform instead. I’ve been trying to resolve this for a week now and no one at Codecov has been willing to help so far

@hart.e what org/repo is this for?

@tom Its a private repo that I don’t want to publicise on a public forum

@hart.e can you share via DM?

How can this question be market a solution? Can you share what was the problem? I get this error on a public repo: Codecov

@escopecz can you open a different topic for this?

did anyone find a solution to this?

@imranMnts please open a new topic

To close loop on this at least, please add the Codecov GitHub app first before creating a new topic for this problem.