"Unable to find commit in Gitlab" with Buddy Works CI


In a private repo that uses Buddy Works (https://buddy.works) as CI, I found that after successfully uploading the reports to codecov, I get “Unable to find commit in Gitlab” and an infinite “Processing…”.

For information, I use the bash uploader script (with -B -b -C options) and I even make a PR on your github repo to support Buddy Works (https://github.com/codecov/codecov-bash/pull/286).

Thanks in advance.

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Hi William,

Thanks for the PR! I’ll take a look at it by tomorrow and get back to you. Hopefully that will fix your issue!



Thanks for approving my PR. Quick quesiton: when is it going to be merged into master ?

As for my initial problem, I still have it. I attached a screenshot.


Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 11.31.15|689x255

Hi William,

I’ll look into merging into master today. As for your initial problem, our product team is taking a look at it, we are seeing this effect other GitLab users.

Hi William,

Buddy Works PR has been merged and deployed. As for your GitLab issue, we are seeing this effect many users and are updating here: GitLab commit retrieval and other issues


HI William, thanks for your patience here. We have merged a fix and you should be seeing commits again.

Hi Tom,

Thanks it works as expected !

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