Unexpected increase of project report coverage but no patch diff

It seams that the project coverage was increased unexpectedly when a pull request with no patch difference was merged. Then on a later pull request, the project coverage failed because it seamed as if it decreased the project cov but what happened was that it returned to its realistic percentage.

In more details:
The project percentage went from 36.63% to 36.93% with unaffected patch coverage. Then on the next pull request the project percentage went from 36.93% to 36.67% (decreased). What we think should be doing is the report should compare the 36.63% cov to the 36.67% cov and not to the misleading 36.93%. Usually we have a small coverage increase in every merge commit with less than 0.1% in every pull request.

Similar issue has come up before to my collogues but this time around seems clearer.

Could you please provide me with more information about why the project coverage is increased without any patch difference and in such cases, where the base report is faulty, what are the best steps to fix the failing project coverage on the next report?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @markwst, can you please provide a commit SHA and Codecov link so that we can help here?