"unittests" filter showing on one repository but not another

I have two repositories being built on Travis CI which upload reports to Codecov. However, I can only see the “unittests” filter on “hidden-value”, not on “datetime”. I thought I’d set them up them same. What have I missed?


I’ve now created a third repository which worked correctly by showing the “unittests” filter on the source code page.

Why is the second one (datetime) different?

Very interesting. The only difference I can see, is both hidden-value and rounding have two builds uploaded for that commit, datetime only has one (so we might think there is no other view and thus hide it.

I’d love to dig deeper, can I ask that you send these details in a support ticket so we can investigate further and keep you posted? https://codecov.io/submit-ticket

Mention I sent you so it gets forwarded to me. Thanks!

Thanks! The first build of rounding showed unittests. I’m assuming I’ve done something wrong as I’ve only just started using Codecov. I will be updating datetime at some point, so we’ll see if your theory is right! The number of builds shouldn’t affect code coverage, however, as it shouldn’t be compared with any other builds.