Updating GH Actions, Can't Ping CodeCov

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I can’t seem to get my builds working again, I’m missing webhooks, and the website won’t re-add them claiming they are “missing”.



GitHub Actions


Commit SHAs

Codecov YAML

        enabled: yes
        target: 100%

Codecov Output

Seems “hung”

Additional Information

While I was updating some projects to move to GitHub actions, I lost my
codecov ability. I had:

  • Been removing two old projects.
  • Updating CodeCov App to only read repos nistbeacon and django-letsencrypt.
  • I am missing my webhooks in GitHub in both projects and attempted to “reset” them, I get an http 500 on both.
  • I attempted to remove all projects to re-add them to CodeCov. Now both seem “stuck”.

Yeah I think I must have broken my integration when I was trying to reset my webhooks.

Now I can’t get the webhooks back, and I’m greeted with either HTTP 500 or HTTP 404 when I try and Reset webhook:

Cannot find webhook XXXXXXXXX

When the web app attempts to do a PUT against https://api.codecov.io/internal/github/urda/repos/nistbeacon/reset-webhook/

On https://app.codecov.io/gh/urda/django-letsencrypt/settings I am not even offered a button to “Reset webhooks”

:frowning: How’d I break this so bad and how can I fix my projects?

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Hi @urda, this looks a bit crazy. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, I wonder if this is a permissions issue. Could you try logging out, clearing cookies, and revoking Codecov access here? Then try logging back in and re-grant permissions?

Hi @tom I will be trying again this weekend (it’s hard for me to find time on my personal projects during weekdays as an Amazon Engineer).