Upstream request timeout

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When trying to open pull requests for a large repo I only ever get the message “Upstream request timeout”.


This is a very common occurrence for us since we work in a large repo. Codecov is basically unusable to us if we can’t view the code coverage of individual pull requests.






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Hi @toymachiner62, can you provide a commit SHA here.

Here’s a commit sha. 1a001211d47382a5ab0c2af36b9e971dffc9a09e

Any update on this @tom? This really does make Codecov almost useless to us.

@toymachiner62, marking this as solution as it has moved into our support pipeline and will be solved there.

We are also having this problem, can you point me to where the solution might be?

Hi @ggerade, what repo is this for and commit SHA? We are experiencing a wider issue with this, and this information will help us to debug more.

Hi @toymachiner62 and @ggerade, we’ve made a few performance enhancements here. Would you be able to see if the pages are showing Upstream request timeout?

I just checked a few PR’s and it seems that I can load them in Codecov now.

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