"You may only adjust your details." error when trying to delete an organization account

I’m also not able to delete my codecov organization from https://codecov.io/account/gh/skoleapp. When I click ‘Delete account’ I just get the error:

{"meta": {"status": 401}, "error": {"reason": "You may only adjust your details.", "context": null}}

showing up in the browser.
I am the owner of my GitHub organization so there shouldn’t be any permission issues.

I recently changed my GitHub repo ownership from my personal account to the organization account, which broke also the whole GH integration (no codecov-bot comments coming into the pull requests anymore). I’m trying to delete the codecov account to start from scratch so I can get the integration working again.

Hi @ruohola, sorry for the runaround, but please message support@codecov.io with the request. We will work on getting this fixed on our end, also.