Add Salesforce Apex and LWC as supported languages


Include Salesforce Apex and LWC as supported languages for test.


It seems that this is currently already supported.


I have found a few repositories that already use codecov. One of them is supported by Salesforce itself and is open-source:



@jefersonchaves, thanks for the request. Would you be able to supply an example report to see if we can already parse it?

Hey @tom, it seems that you guys already can parse it, see the project I shared:

I was going to send the outputs based on the mentioned repo but is not allowing me to. Is there a way I can do that?

@jefersonchaves, oh I see! I guess what I’m confused about is what is the ask here? What can we do to better support those as languages?

No problem @tom, I think is just to make sure that you have everything needed to correctly parse this language. I ran the tests locally here and have the files but could not share the zip files with you because that seems to be blocked in the forum, is there a way I can do that?

Apologies here @jefersonchaves. I’ll make sure to take a look here this week or next. Thanks again for your patience.

Hi @jefersonchaves, as far as I can tell, we support both languages, and more importantly, the tool used to generate coverage. I really appreciate your patience here. Let me know if there’s anything else outstanding.

Thanks a million, @tom. That is awesome.

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