Bug on notifications / statuses not posting [now squashed]

About 0.1% to 0.25% of commits were timing out when submitted to http://Codecov.io for the last two weeks. Main symptom was never receiving a status / comment in GH/GL/BB on a commit that appeared fully complete. The root cause has been rolled back + working as expected.

Root cause was a semaphore approach for signaling causing an error not caught in testing. That error is remedied and this timeout bug is squashed. Thanks for your patience and sorry for delayed catch. We are adding improved metrics and tracking to ID earlier.

Please ping us with any questions or comments here.

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Hi! I experienced a similar issue: my commit passed CI, but in codecov it was not shown as passing, and I didn’t get any notification.

Additionally, links “View CI Build” wrongly point to travis-ci.org instead of travis-ci.com

Regards, Andrii