Cannot access repository as collaborator


I cannot access the private repository of someone else as collaborator


The repository is private

Additional Information

When trying to open the repo page on codecov:

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@TimoStroehlein you will need to request access from an admin of the repository.

@tom Maybe i used the wrong word, I meant contributor, so I already have read/ write access to the repository. I’m not aware of any further permissions changes that can be applied in GitHub.

@TimoStroehlein can you DM me the repository name and your GitHub username so I can check to see why this might be happening?

@tom Of course, I sent you a DM.

I’m having a similar issue, just the error code is different (404 instead of 403)

@rodrigo-capyba what repo is this for?

Sorry, but i may have been a bit too impatient. I was missing an authorization, and the project owner accepted the request earlier today. It’s working fine now.

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The problem is “resolved” for now, we just switched the visibility of the project to public. Thank you anyway for your help

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