Can't see any organization repository


Codecov has access to my organization but I can’t see any private/public repos from that organization in my home page. The access was granted yesterday and I’ve clicked on re-sync multiple times, but it doesn’t do anything. What can I do? Thanks.

@carnuare is this on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket?

On GitHub, and I just realized that if I enter the url of the organization (on codecov) and click on the private repos, I get a 403 (unauthorized) message. But as you can see on top of the screenshot, the organization gave permissions to codecov already.

@carnuare it looks like you are not a member of that organization, only that you have access to a few repositories. That’s why the org does not show up in your dropdown. What repo are you trying to access, and are you a member of that repo?

I’m a collaborator of the repository that I’m trying to acess (Investigacion-US/sisiusapp).

@carnuare as an outside collaborator, you will need an admin of the repository to activate you on the repository settings page on Codecov.