Cannot configure CodeCov as external collaborator

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I am an external collaborator on a GitHub organisation. I have requested integration of CodeCov for a specific repo (GitHub - tis-gmbh/vscode-migrate), and it has been granted. However, neither the organisation nor the repo show up in the repo list in CodeCov. When I take a look at the organisation access of CodeCov on GitHub, access is granted. Maybe this is a problem caused by how CodeCov fetches available repos.


Not possible.

Codecov Output

Not existent.

Expected Results

I’m able to add the repo in CodeCov.

Actual Results

The repo doesn’t show up

Additional Information

I’m an external collaborator and not member of the organisation.

@timvahlbrock that is an unfortunate complication with the way external collaborators are handled. You should be able to go to the repo directly by going here.

That’s what I tried, but the repo isn’t listed there.

When I click on the “active” filter, it says that there are no active repos and when I then “select a repo” then, it takes me to the repo list of a namespace “undefined”, but this may just be an independent bug. I suspect, that currently it just isn’t possible to configure CodeCov as an external collaborator. In fact, The documentation for CodeCov Pro says, that CodeCov Pro might not list external collaborators until support is contacted.

@timvahlbrock I’m sorry, I realize I mispoke. Due to permissions, an external collaborator cannot access the onboarding flow for a repo that is not yet setup. You will need a member or admin from the organization to enable the repo to access the CODECOV_TOKEN for uploads.

To add to that, once you have that token, you can use it to upload to Codecov. As an external collaborator on a public repo, you should be able to directly access this URL after your first uploads.

Okay, thanks for the info.