Code coverage report isn't transferring from AppVeyor


My code coverage report isn’t being sent to Codecov from the AppVeyor job. The error looks to be part of Git LS according to the AppVeyor build console.



In my modules build script, there is a task that compiles a single .psm1 module file from the contents of all of the repos .ps1 files. The repo does not contain the .psm1 file anywhere. Further, the published module to PSGallery doesn’t contain the .ps1 files. I believe the issue is that when CodeCov is trying to run, it’s looking for ePOwerShell.psm1, and failing to find it. So in the AppVeyor build, I receive (hundreds) of errors saying:

Unexpected error, more than one git file matched file (C:\projects\epowershell\dev\BuildOutput\ePOwerShell\ePOwerShell.psm1):

CodeCov then says There was an error processing coverage reports.

Codecov report for the latest commit: Report

Hi @marranaga

When I checked the report file it was empty. Can you confirm you CodeCoverage.json file contains coverage data?