Codecov GitHub action sometimes fails to report status despite move to checkout v1

I’m having recurring problems with PR validations on my project stalling because the Codecov action remains stuck in the “pending” status.

I’ve followed the advice on the earlier thread on this topic to move to V1 of the GitHub. That seemed to help for a while, but I’m still seeing the problem.

A recent example:

Today, this commit never showed CodeCov status despite several “re-run” attempts.

I pushed an empty commit to that PR (rust-git/rsgit@bc884b7) and it worked promptly the first time.

I’ll use empty commits as a temporary workaround, but it feels like there’s a more substantive issue there that should be addressed.

Hi @scouten, could you try bumping up to 1.0.10 of the Codecov GitHub Action?

I did and it seems to be working much better now. Thanks!