Codecov HTTP2 Uploads Failing


Within the past 24 hours it seems that all of my codecov uploads are failing.

I have both a curl uploader and a PowerShell Net.WebClient uploader that have been running on multiple repositories for months. Before today I would see intermittent upload issues, but now nothing will work.

Here’s an example of the Net.WebClient: You can go up to the build’s list of jobs and see every job failed. Pretty much every one failed due to the upload not working.

Here is an example of the curl uploader: - all of the failed jobs have to do with a curl HTTP/2 error uploading.


Can’t add more links: GitHub/wbond/oscrypto

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Try to upload a coverage report via a custom uploader

Expected behavior: TLS connection to be successful

Actual behavior: It seems I can no longer establish a TLS connection

Flakiness? All of the time


Mac, Safari 13

Additional Information

Here is the Python that invokes the processes: (can’t add more links) GitHub/wbond/oscrypto/blob/master/dev/ hey @wbond thanks for a well written bug report – we’ve identified this to be an issue and have implemented a fix.

Hi @wbond

Can you confirm you are no longer seeing issues after our fix? You may need to upload the failed reports again.

Yes, it looks like the uploads are working properly with both my curl and Net.WebClient uploaders now.

Thanks for the speedy fix!

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