UI not resolving submodule paths in GitHub

Hi there, I posted a bug report about this on GitHub but I was made aware that this would have been the right place to post my issues. Sorry for that! So, here we go…


I have a configuration that (maybe excessively…) makes use of submodules. I can generate, upload, and view coverage reports that were generated on Travis-CI and uploaded to codecov. However, the web UI only gives me an overview. I cannot enter single files and view their line coverage.

For instance:

The path fix already ensures that this points to a path that works in the main repo. However, says that the path cannot be resolved, even though it exists and all submodules are public.


Github: wwu-pi/muli, currently on the branch free-objects

Expected behavior: Submodule paths being resolved, at least as long as they’re accessible.

Actual behavior: No submodule paths are resolved.

Flakiness? All the time

Original Github issue:

Thanks @JanD!

Moving this to feature request as it’s not quite a bug. Will post here when I have any updates.


Hi, any updates on this feature?