Codecov is always stuck on "Waiting for CI to complete"

I’m using CircleCI to upload my codecov report and this is the output of that step:

==> Detecting CI Provider
    Circle CI Detected
==> Configuration: 
  commit: '0450f483c9a65e5f8b6d81a2733e8b1684a719fc',
  branch: 'circle-ci-update',
  package: 'node-v3.8.1'
==> Building file structure
==> Scanning for reports
    + /home/circleci/project/coverage/
==> Uploading reports
    View report at:
CircleCI received exit code 0

However, when I go to the link, I always see Waiting for CI to complete. Please review report with caution, it may change. Click here to learn more . Furthermore, no comments all left on my PR and GitHub PR is has Expected — Waiting for status to be reported.

My configuration in CircleCI looks like: flex-plugin-builder/config.yml at circle-ci-update · twilio/flex-plugin-builder (

I’ve made sure that I only run the codecov once using the lts Node, yet I still am having this issue. I’m using 3.8.1 of codecov.

Codecov also is not commenting on the PR anymore: update circle-ci name and attempt to fix codecov by ktalebian · Pull Request #430 · twilio/flex-plugin-builder · GitHub

@ktalebian this looks like an issue we were having this weekend. We have made a fix that should work going forward, but unfortunately, we can’t retroactively update commits.

I would recommend pushing a new commit up to that PR. Let me know if that fixes your problem.

Thanks Tom.

That was not it - here is a new PR: e2e test improvements and doc by ktalebian · Pull Request #440 · twilio/flex-plugin-builder ( and it is still failing to comment.

@ktalebian you have after_n_builds set to 4 here, but only 1 build is sent. You can either decrease that value or send 4 uploads.