Codecov/patch strange behavior

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In a PR codecov/patch tells that I have a reduction in amount of tests even after I added a test.
This is link to the PR


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@Fewwy, to be clear, patch coverage

only measures lines adjusted in the pull request or single commit, if the commit is not in a pull request. This status provides an indication on how well the pull request is tested.

In other words, it measures the coverage of newly added code.

If you go back to the PR, you’ll notice where Codecov sees new lines of code, but no corresponding tests has been added. Take lines 1-5 and 7-9 below.

If you are talking about project coverage which measures the coverage over the entire codebase, you can see that you have added new lines of code that are not covered by tests.

Compare your BASE commit which shows

146 lines covered/2179 total lines
versus your HEAD commit

146 lines covered/2187 total lines

This is why project coverage drops.

You mentioned you wrote tests. I would make sure that the test is running and coverage is being collected for them since Codecov is not getting results for it.

Thanks for your reply Tom,
It seems that it’s either our upload script broke or we have issues with the config.

Could you take a look at our config maybe you would see errors in it?

        # basic
        target: auto
        threshold: 0%
        base: auto
        # advanced
          - master
        if_ci_failed: error #set the status to success only if the CI is successful
        only_pulls: false #Only post a status to pull requests
          - "unit"
        # basic
        target: 0%
        threshold: 10%
        patch: false
          - unit
       # advanced settings
          - master
        if_ci_failed: error #success, failure, error, ignore
        informational: false
        only_pulls: false

@tom Hello Tom! If you have some spare time - please check the config I linked, because I want to fix issues with our repo

@Fewwy hmm, I would suggest not making target: auto for patch. That means that every commit should have equal or greater patch coverage which doesn’t always make sense. I would set that to a real number.

To your initial point, your PR has a passing check now.