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We have installed the CodeCov integration to our organisation account and we have been using it with our private repos in the past with no issue. We recently moved the unit test to a github action and codecov stopped to report status.

I’ve tried with checkout V1 and V2, different configurations and so on and nothing seems to work.

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Codecov Output

It seems correct, but can not disclose it publicly as contains information about our private codebase I will happy share in private with any codecov representative, but I can see the report in codecov following the link.

Expected Results

codecov/project pass

Actual Results

codecov/project waiting for status

Additional Information

On the webhook response I get this:
Ok. Skip Codecov status updates.

Hi @VictorLHS, can you share a commit SHA?

This one for example:


I can see the patch passing, but the project still waiting.

Sorry for the delay here, I’ll be pushing a fix this coming week. I’ll let you know when it’s deployed to see if you still encounter the issue.

Hi Tom,

Really appreciated!


@VictorLHS, I made a small fix here, would you be able to see if this is still an issue?

Hi Tom,

I just checked with a new PR (commit 577cfdc90c65c8a493a2eb4dcbf40597b4eeddbc) the status for the project still waiting for status however the patch one is being passed.

Not really sure what could be the issue here.

@VictorLHS, is that commit on a PR that’s going into master? I see that you have restrictions on the status check in the codecov.yml

Yes, it’s going to master.

Sorry, what restrictions?


@VictorLHS, this is based on your codecov.yml which will only return statuses for commits and pulls that have the HEAD commit on master. You can read more here. The fix would be to remove that line from your yaml.

Let me know if that makes sense or if I am looking at this wrong. Please feel free to post your yml file here.

I think that was it! Just triggered action and now is passing!

I will test more on monday and will confirm the resolution.


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