Duplicate GitHub checks (one failed)

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There was support ticket: https://codecov.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/4511 (but no help for free project).

I have somewhy failed codecov/project check:

Also somewhy there are by 2 checks for /patch and /project. One link directs to Codecov page, another — to GitHub checks.

Anyway, I somewhy see -0.03%, although when I click on the link of failed check — I see the same 98.33%, not 98.30%:

Why there is a fail and how to re-run Codecov check?

Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL

Cirrus CI: Cirrus CI



Codecov Output

Coverage report generated for RSpec to /tmp/cirrus-ci-build/coverage. 232 / 236 LOC (98.31%) covered.

(without logo somewhy)

Expected Results

Single check per /project and /patch without fails (if no tracking code changed, just dependency version).

Actual Results

Duplicate GitHub checks, one of them failed.

Additional Information


I’ve got a case with fail (-0.03%), but without duplicates:

@AlexWayfer so looking at the compare page between the commits on this PR I see these changes. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand why those lines are showing up, but maybe you have some insight.

The other thing I notice is that the most recent commit is showing 2 uploads, while the base is showing 4 uploads. The last upload is showing coverage on line 64 for this file lib/r18n-rails-api/loader.rb.

I don’t know, the last changes around loader.rb:64 were made 15 months ago and 3 years ago: r18n-rails-api/lib/r18n-rails-api/loader.rb at cff867612d740f65ee322bf2eb67c142772c1f5a · r18n/r18n-rails-api · GitHub

So even none of rebase could make changes there.

Maybe something is going differently with parsing multiline assignment, maybe some of dependencies was updated (simplecov ?) or I don’t know.

while the base is showing 4 uploads.

Can you check please times of these 4 uploads? Are there differences in milliseconds, maybe it’s a bug of something?

The other thing I notice is that the most recent commit is showing 2 uploads

Oh, I remember something.

  1. There are should be 4 uploads, as I understand, because I’m testing for 4 versions of Ruby and there is an upload for each of them: Update gem_toys to version 0.8.0 · r18n/r18n-rails-api@6fe4aa1 · GitHub (the end of test script).
  2. There can be no uploads in PRs by bot because bots has no permission to read secured environment variables (Codecov token is one of them): [ruby] Upgrade gem_toys to version 0.8.0 by depfu · Pull Request #4 · r18n/r18n-rails-api · GitHub (there is nothing from Codecov at the end of test scripts).

Maybe this difference affects somehow. But it should not be related to loader.rb:64 strange diff.

@AlexWayfer sorry, I’m a little bit confused here. My guess is that it is effecting files like loader.rb, but I really don’t know the technical details there. Is there an issue where you cannot upload the other 2 reports? What can we do to help?

I don’t what to do and what I should to investigate. I suggest to wait another case.

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