Error: Unable to find commit in Gitlab


Since about one week, we get the error messages “Unable to find commit in Gitlab”. This coincides with the time Gitlab moved to CLoudflare:

Is there anything we need to do about that?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for helping out here! Looks like that might be the root cause. Our product team is taking a look at this, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks a lot. I will confirm when it works again for us.

Just wanted to ask whether there is any update on that problem? It is still not working for us, and as I see from other posts, also for other gitlab users.

If there is anything we can do to help or test any workaround, please let me know.


Hi Martin,

We are updating the issue here: GitLab commit retrieval and other issues

Unfortunately there aren’t any workarounds, but we are working quickly to resolve this for our users.


HI Martin, thanks for your patience here. We have merged a fix and you should be seeing commits again.

Thanks a lot. It is now working for us again.