Unable to find report content in the storage archive & Unable to find commit in GitLab


I am trying to enable codecov, but the dashboard mention that it is unable to find report content …


Public repo


Google Chrome v80 on MacOS

Additional Information

While running codecov with cli and gitlab-ci , the logs says that everything is ok

I am running codecov with bash script from the gitlab-ci, the log says everything is fine

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Hi @bwnyasse, thanks for bringing this up. We are seeing this effect other GitLab users, and our product team is taking a look.

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Hello @tom , any updates ? is there any workaround ?
Thank you in advance.

Bests ,

Any update on this? My repo is experiencing the same issue.

Hi everyone, unfortunately we are still working to fix this. You can view updates here: GitLab commit retrieval and other issues

HI everyone, thanks for your patience here. We have merged a fix and you should be seeing commits again.