Force push intermittently leads to CodeCov not updating PR


Sometimes when we force push to our PRs, which we do when rebasing the PR branch on master, CodeCov does not comment on our PR or update the GitHub statuses.

I also observed that when you push a new commit, CodeCov immediately updates the statuses and comments for the previous commit/force-push.



Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open a PR for a branch
  2. Change master
  3. Rebase your PR branch on master
  4. Force your branch
  5. CodeCov won’t update

Expected behavior: We expect CodeCov to review coverage, update GH statuses and comment on PRs even when there is a force push.

Actual behavior: CodeCov does not comment or update GitHub statuses.

Flakiness? Happens sometimes



Hey @kylejm – if this is for Funding Circle, you guys are a paid customer. Can you ping us this message at so we can escalate?

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Hi Jerrod. We are hitting the exact same scenario (Udemy, also paying customer). Did you come up with a solution for Funding Circle that we can also use?

We’re still waiting for CodeCov to get back to us about the issue, I last sent them an email on the 12th of April and then have been on holiday since a week after that.

The issue for us seems to be related to the GitHub user account that is being used by CodeCov to auth access to our repos. The account that CodeCov told me is being used belongs to an employee who has departed the company, but we don’t understand how this employee got linked to our iOS repo (he wasn’t on the mobile team) and where his account is set in CodeCov settings.

Hopefully we’ll hear from CodeCov soon (bump @jerrod).

Wasn’t great support on our side @kylejm + @scott-estes. Thanks for surfacing our shortfall, do appreciate the feedback.

On our side: You should’ve gotten multiple rounds of support now.

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I have received good follow through from support now and a plan of action. We will report back on the findings as well.