GitHub Integration Settings Page


On the “Reposettings” page, if the GitHub integration isn’t enabled for the repo, you get an error message saying:
GitHub Integration is installed. However, this repository is not enabled.

This links to

However, it should link to:

The former is only available to organization admins, while the latter allows any org user to request that the app be installed for that repo (this flow allows the org admins to approve the request)

Hi @cblecker, I actually see it linking to Does this work for you?

I do not see that on the live site. It is currently still linking to

edit: note that this is when adding codecov to a repo owned by an organization, not a personal repo. If the second link format was used, then the link could consistently always link to the same spot – just the installation id would be required

@cblecker, thanks for this. I’ve merged in the change, and it should be live on our deploy next week.