I find several errors as "Waiting for CI to complete",my github page no coverage report listed

The url is Code coverage done right. .My app has integrated . You can see the request has lasted for more than 20 hours.

@sanwan, add the Codecov GitHub app integration. It doesn’t seem to have been added for this repo.

App integration has benn done yestoday.

The app integration has not been added to the organization juicedata where the commit you posted above is from. You will need to be an admin to do that.

If this is still an issue, are you able to remove access and add the integration back?

Thank you.
I will try this method.
Is there any method to verify whether app integration has been done?

@sanwan you can go to Codecov app page, click Configure and check to see if the integration is on the applicable repository. To confirm, the app integration still has not been added.