How can I set up Codecov on a new org/repo?

I transferred a repo into a new org. does not list the new org (it just says “syncing github teams” forever, below my existing orgs).

How can I add codecov to this repo?

Hi @ljharb

This should just work if you upload reports (using the token if this is a private repo)

There’s a bug in the UI that doesn’t show all repos, but you can also navigate to it directly,

ah ok, i assumed i had to wire it up first, so that it had permissions to be able to set PR statuses. How do I make sure those permissions are granted?

Public isn’t an issue, for private we use you, via the token.

how do PRs from a fork work then, where my token is not available?

@ljharb, a forked repo under your control will still have a token that you can access in the Codecov UI.

right, but “under your control” is the problem there. The PRs that are important are the ones that come from forks i do not control - ie, from the rest of the internet. How do those get the token?


If this is a public repo, could you share with us so we can see what you are seeing?

True forks are hard for us to set some global token for / give original maintainer access to, because most times a fork by an outsider will not be returning upstream.