Inconsistent code coverage results


I’m running into a problem with several private Java & Kotlin projects where codecov results don’t appear to update correctly over a sequence of builds. For example, I ran a test in a project where I commented out a unit test, but the codecov results indicate that coverage hasn’t changed. Is there something I can do to get more consistent results? Can codecov staff view the results of private projects?


private 33e54d35421669b210a5d12bbf7eccbb637b73de

Hi, I am unable to find that commit hash, is it for GitHub and would you be able provide another one?

The code is in GitHub, but in a private repository. The build was done 10 days ago.

Here is a link:

Hi @thomasaw, we tried replying privately do to the nature of your question and the response. Let me know if this is still an issue for you, and if so, if you could supply a newer commit SHA

Hello Tom, thanks for your reply. Someone else should be getting in contact with you about this.

Awesome, thanks @thomasaw!