Inconsistent integration with GitHub/Travis


I’m seeing some inconsistency in how:

  • code coverage status entry is added to a PR

  • the way summary report is posted to a PR

Codecov status entry in PR - for some reason it’s not added to the PR, despite the fact that I explicitly configured that Codecov doesn’t require passing CI. The report is generated on Codecov side for the PR commit, so it’s not like it is missing.

Report, I don’t understand why it is not posted to the PR. Had it working at some point but after that it was randomly added or missing for PRs.

Note, you’ll see that at some point Coveralls integration was added to the project in parallel - as we started to consider it as well.



Not sure if it applies but we’re using chrome on win10’s and macs.

Additional Information

All the config can be found codecov.yml.

This GH project is basically a fork to test the CC integrations. The configuration is rather strict as we require 100% CC on the production project.

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Hi @mlewand,

There’s a bug in your YAML on line 8 ( It should read just range not coverage.range. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

:man_facepalming: looks like it might have been the problem. It might be a good idea to have some sort of notification in case of typos in the config (based on scheme maybe?) :thinking:

It could be posted via GH in case config is broken. Just a thought.

Thanks for checking this out.

@mlewand oh absolutely. We are working to get better user-facing yaml errors, and I’m sorry that it was such a small fix that took awhile.

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