Incorrect change percentage on Github Bot Comment


We recently migrated from Travis CI to Github Actions and integrated codecov for our project.

During our first attempt (Update jacoco and github actions (#4639) · commons-app/apps-android-commons@b1f06ad · GitHub) We were able to upload the coverage report to codecov but only .kt files were tracked.

But then we updated the task script and were able to get both .java and .kt files coverage (Update file filters (#4640) · commons-app/apps-android-commons@457b03b · GitHub)

Earlier when only the .kt files were tracked the coverage was about 44% and later it was corrected to about 39%

Now, whenever CI uploads a new coverage report, it is compared to 44% and not 39% due to which our check fails (Displaying Category image and Description by Ayan-10 · Pull Request #4531 · commons-app/apps-android-commons · GitHub)

If possible we would like to compare all our PRs and Commits to the latest coverage report present on the master branch i.e. 39%

@madhurgupta10, this is due to where the PR is branching from. If you rebase onto a newer commit on master, this should solve the issue.

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