Missing Coverage Data


I’ve added coverage reporting via a GitHub action and the coverage report successfully uploads. However, the file list in the network section is not complete and so some files are not being reported on

Commit SHAs

Pull request in question :

Codecov report:

Upload report:

GitHub Action:

Additional Information

The github action shows the coverage report where all the files (including html templates) have coverage data. The file tree is also printed out to the console log. However even though these files are in the xml upload report they don’t ultimatly appear on the codecov report.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



Hi @smithdc1, sorry for the long wait. Looks like you are not getting coverage for your html files which are template files. We explicitly exclude html files from coverage as shown here: https://github.com/codecov/codecov-bash/blob/master/codecov#L1373

Currently, there is no viable workaround, but our product team is looking into the effort to bypass this check. I’ll keep this open and update with the change when it’s live.

Hi @smithdc1, just an update, we’ll be working on making a change to the bash uploader to accomodate this use case.

Hi @smithdc1, we should be publishing an updated version of the uploader today or Monday. You can view the option here. Let me know if that works for you.

Hi @smithdc1, sorry it took a little longer to get this up, but the bash uploader has been updated, and you should be able to use the -X html flag when calling the uploader.