Recent commits show error: "Unable to find report content in the storage archive."


I can’t view my recent commits on codecov

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CI/CD or Build URL

Cannot paste here: gives error when creating post


Github Actions

Codecov Output

Will not allow me to create this post if I paste here

Expected Results

Should be able to view the files of my repo and see green/red highlighting according to test coverage.

Actual Results

Only receive error message: “Unable to find report content in the storage archive.”

Additional Information

Everything was working fine for several days, but stopped working suddenly for the past two commits.

Same here!

Kind of tired after wrestling with the security issue and this suddenly popped up right after…

No response from Codecov team’s support email neither

Unable to find report content in the storage archive.

We are also facing the same issue. It has started appearing starting from 2days back for this repo. Codecov

The affected commit SHA is db3b2556d04d514f4198daf4c3c0410be2c7768f

Unable to view the report for all the commits after that.

@APB9785, @Edx, @Dilhasha this looks like it was on our end. We have made some fixes on our end which should prevent this from future commits if it was working previously.