"Unable to find report content in the storage archive."

Recently we switched to codecov. Clicking any of the commits in the list just goes to a page which says “Unable to find report content in the storage archive.” in big text. As I understand this is a kinda common issue, even our oldest commits (4 hours ago) go to the “Unable” page.

What’s up with that?

Hi @grrowl, can you please provide a link and commit SHAs for the above issue?

Hello, I have the same issue, either it goes to an infinite processing or I can not see the result due too the Unable page.

https://codecov.io/gl/mr-yum/mr-yum/commit/b14b1dd3077d7fe7c8630af5a7815225a8b95795 and https://codecov.io/gl/mr-yum/mr-yum/commit/69ceeb73c8db41efa2dc7eda9515ff4d33329762 don’t work

https://codecov.io/gl/mr-yum/mr-yum/commit/9f107cc52b0a548780244b686f90bd92a0ce151b is the only one which displays but fails to show any code coverage

Seems like this is the subject of a current service outage: https://status.codecov.io/incidents/wz84gcst2jff

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Hey @grrowl, that is correct, we are investigating now: https://status.codecov.io/

Hi @grrowl, thanks for your patience here. This should be resolved for future commits.