Unable to find report content in the storage archive after maintenance


When trying to view a report, I get “Unable to find report content in the storage archive.” even though Codecov does manage to determine the coverage diff and overall percentage. Started today during the scheduled maintenance. I’ve re-run the jobs and uploaded against to Codecov to no avail.

Commit SHAs

1dd7a0524b2b3456689a7740e51e1f3db5bccb90 ← last working one
97edbf0f56d43e4aabe620ae34bd2853cf586238 ← does not work
2f3c76ba148897759a7c1648751efe5c40c181db ← does not work


CI/CD or Build URL

GitHub Actions. Run link: rename templates and python cleanup · jdabtieu/CTFOJ@97edbf0 · GitHub


Using GitHub Actions’s codecov/codecov-action@v1

Codecov Output

For some reason this is triggering the 10-link limit, I’ll post it in a comment

Expected Results

I expect to be able to see the report here.

Actual Results

I get “Unable to find report content in the storage archive.” instead of the report. Same happens when trying to view a file from the report.

Additional Information

When viewing commits here none of them show up as “Processing” or stuck in some other way. They all have diffs but the report just seems to be missing.

Seems that Codecov fixed something in the backend and one of my new commits was able to successfully generate a report.

As with the commits that were broken, I simply clicked Re-run all jobs on GitHub Actions to rerun tests and reupload to codecov, which worked.

@jdabtieu, this was an issue on our end that has been resolved for future commits. Sorry for the inconvenience and downtime.