Release-specific Codecov Badge

I would like to use a release-specific Codecov badge for a stable release in documentation. E.g. I have made and tagged the release in github.

With, tests automatically run for the tag / release, and I can use that badge, e.g. using the link Codecov does not currently run coverage checks for tags as far as I can tell, and so I can’t get a codecov badge for them. Ideally I’d be able to link to a codecov badge for a tag in one of these formats: and

Hi @syncrostone, thanks for this. As a current workaround, are you not able to do this with a commit-level badge? (For the latest tag)

I’m using it with readthedocs so I don’t have the commithash available I don’t think, only the version tag. I could look into getting the commit number on readthedocs as a workaround though I guess. I honestly gave up and am just using the latest codecov on master for every version of my docs.