Repository is hidden


I cannot access my repository
It is a private repository but it exists.

I tried the revive button but nothing changes.

Thanks for your help,


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@BotellaA – ok, we found the root cause of issue, but going go take some time to fix. In the meantime, we’ve set your “auto-activate users” to true, which is a temporary work around.

Please confirm this is working now. Sorry about that!

@jerrod Thanks! It is working!

Hi @jerrod, I think I am having the same issue, is there a general problem or was it something specifically affecting @BotellaA ?

Hey @courtiol – it’s a site-wide issue, yes. But you can do the workaround here, by switching auto-activate-users to on:

Org | Account | Users

Thanks @jerrod, but I don’t have the Users tab:

I guess it is because I am only using a free membership or perhaps because I have a Legacy plan.

Yet what I do not understand is that I thought I was entitled to be able to use one free private repository (as shown on the screenshot above).

This private repository is hosted in an organization on github which I own:

I must be missing something… Sorry.

@courtiol – this looks like it may be a separate issue. The screenshot you showed was on your personal Github “org” not the Hyenaproject.

Can you try from here? I was not able to reproduce your issue:

@jerrod, I am very sorry to struggle so much, but as I understand it, an organisation in GH is not account. So I cannot just log in. If I click on your link page 401 turns out: I am not authorized.
Yet, in GH I am define as an owner with all Admin rights:

What shall I do?