Stuck on "Waiting for CI to complete" Waiting for Bitbucket's status webhook to queue notifications


Hi, I ran into issue with posting code coverage to your service. The repository is hosted on bitbucket and the project is built on AppCenter. As I see the codecov report is posted correctly during build.
I clicked on “Push notifications now” and nothing happened.

As I see codecov is correctly attached to our bitbucket repository via webhook.
Unfortunately I don’t have access to repository webhoocks history.

Commit SHAs


CI/CD or Build URL

AppCenter is used for building Android app. I attached codecov posting log below:


We are using codecov bash uploader as following:
#!/usr/bin/env bash
bash <(curl -s -t token

Expected Results

I would like to see check “CI passed” as it was before:

Actual Results

Codecov is wating for Bitbucket’s status webhook.

How it was before:

Codecov post result:

The Codecov is correctly attached to bitbucket repository:

@IvanPletinskiy have you set a bot that still has permissions to the repository and has recently logged in?