Support Azure DevOps git repository and private build pipelines


We have code hosted on Azure DevOps and built by private pipelines. Would love to use for tracking our coverage over time. We now have to consider other services.


It seems public pipelines are supported, but neither private pipelines nor git repositories on DevOps seem supported. I believe we need both, since moving code to GitHub is not an option for us.

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@angularsen, would you be able to provide the Codecov output? Maybe this is an easy fix.

Hi, I’m not sure how to provide you an Codecov output?

We haven’t tried setting it up yet, because:

  1. I already have an account, used for an open source GitHub project. This works nicely.
  2. I don’t see a way to add a non-GitHub repository to my account. I can add GitHub repos just fine, but nothing else it seems.
  3. It does say in my profile that the account is managed by a GitHub app if that matters? And URLs list /gh so I assume I am on some sort of GitHub-only account.
  4. I could create a new account, but the only options are GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab logins - so without having tried it, I assume I will be similarly locked in to these providers by creating a new account?

Please let me know how I can add a private Azure DevOps git repository to my account, or how I should proceed to try making that integration work.

@tom Pinging you just in case you were not notified of the above replies.

Ahhh I understand now, thanks @angularsen. I will forward this to the product team, but I believe we are not looking to expand service to more code hosts. I’m marking this as the solution, but if this changes, I’ll update here.

Just adding a +1 to this request. We would definitely use Codecov with our private Azure DevOps git repos.

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