Team/Repo YAML Confusion


Can someone help me understand the different YAML settings, I’m just trying to get the bot working in Github. I don’t have a Team YAML set and the bot doesn’t post anything to my PRs. But on the Team YAML settings of my organization, it says "Current bot: ". And what’s the difference in this page and my .codecov.yml in the repo?



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Hi @redreceipt

Have you logged into Codecov with your bot user so we have it’s OAuth creds?

Are you referring to the name next to “Current bot”, jbaxleyiii? That was probably the user that added codecov to our org but he hasn’t been on our team in awhile so I’m not sure what the status is.

Sorry, no, I meant the bot that you set i the team YAML. We can’t change it over if it’s never logged in and we don’t have OAuth creds for it.